Well that was a strange season! Or part season for us in Ontario. Despite limited time on snow locally, customers stepped up to help with testing the new Contra variants ( sorry,had to throw that in) and feedback has been stellar. The new designs have proven to be extremely versatile over the wider range of snow conditions we now get thrown at us. Many have found the Contra to be their new ” go to” board. Another goal was to incorporate the Contra design into a new softboot board and that has finally been achieved with greater success than hoped for. The new softboot board carves better than previous designs and greatly reduced the dreaded heelside nose bouncing. It does all this while still maintaining as good or even better overall ability to handle less than ideal conditions. Throughout the season we have been tweaking all the designs and continue to have a better understanding of what each modification does. This will allow me to better tailor a board to an individuals needs. Looking back at last seasons rider feedback along with my own test results has shown that most find the previous designs have all been superseded by the Contra. Dare I say there is no need to build any of the previous designs? My feel is that this may well be the case. All good news eh? Well now the bad news. I am still continuing to ramp down the business and will only be operating from mid Sept to late March. Production numbers will be dropped again for the upcoming season and as of late April, I am already booked into January 2022 . The ailing old body is the main reason for the reduced production. Titanal in the .3mm thickness is also running out and this is the material of choice for the Contra design which is another limiting factor. Simple truth is that after many successful years in the business, time to slow things down and enjoy complaining about how sore I am. BV

Custom Alpine Snowboards

We have a few pre built Contra’s available as of Feb 1 2021, see the Contra or pre built page for more info.