For 2020 Coiler will be reducing production by approximately 30% and to make a long story short, it is nothing more than just an age related decision as I ramp things down towards semi retirement. After nearly 25 years of building boards, the aging body is showing signs of wear so it is time to slow things down. Similar to last season, there will be a graduated pricing system with summer boards having a slightly lower price than boards built in fall and winter. A summary of build spots available will be listed at the link below . If by chance I can manage to stay on schedule ( for a change) and my health remains good, I may do a bit more in regards to production but only time will tell if that will happen. Current plan is to stay at the 30% reduced production schedule for 2 more seasons and then possibly turn Coiler back into more of a retirement hobby rather than a business. At this time I have no plan to take on extra help to continue normal production after the 2 years but will leave that aspect open to change just in case. BV

Custom Alpine Snowboards