UPDATE FOR THE 2020/21 SEASON Firstly, I have to apologize to many who were waiting for boards and are still waiting. Once things slow down a bit I will get in touch to see if the need is still there to have a board built for those incredibly patient individuals! Many factors are involved for the slow down in production and in the future I will hopefully be able to better plan for the new reality. As of the end of this season in spring 2020, Coiler will be operating as a seasonal business with no plans for summer production. Last season that happened out of necessity as I needed time to recover from the previous seasons work and admittedly I am getting old and lazy (or possibly smarter). So it is a good news / bad news situation as production will be slowing down but I am still developing and enjoying working on new designs. Just being released is a new line of freecarve boards called Contra. Last several seasons my development time was mostly spent working on softboot designs which actually lead to the need for a revamp of my designing system as they are actually a bit more tricky to design than alpine boards. At this time I am very happy with results of both the softboot boards and also the design system. So the natural progression was to use this new knowledge to up the game in regards to freecarve designs. The Contra is somewhat a departure from my traditional freecarve models and is targeted at performance over a wide range of snow conditions. Now that it seems we are all dealing with weather patterns that throw anything our way, a board with a wide use range is becoming more of a necessity. The goal was to incorporate many of the best features of the previous designs and blend them into one user friendly package to work in a wide range of snow and initial feedback has shown that success has been achieved! The Contra has a flex / sidecut that allows for very clean, efficient carve and also uses a softer tail flex so if anything nasty is coming your way, riding with weight back a bit will allow you maintain an effective line in a safe manner. Grip is excellent and riding it centered with slight fore/aft movement will alter turn shape effectively. Aggressive turn response can be achieved though accentuated angulation. At this time I feel that the design is ready for production! Pricing will be going up for next season and any orders placed after Feb 1 2020 are subject to the new price structure as follows in Cdn dollars. Traditional freecarve / EC designs $875cdn Softboot boards $ 925cdn Contra $925 cdn Contra Wogococo: $975 I am still deciding on pricing for options or additional customization and that info will be available this spring. So I am still at it but slowing down and hope to keep building if my health will allow it for the next few seasons but at a substantially reduced pace. BV

Custom Alpine Snowboards

We have a few pre built Contra’s available as of Feb 1 2021, see the Contra or pre built page for more info.