custom high performance alpine snowboards
His unique blend of skills as an accomplished racer with extensive manufacturing and design experience allows for rapid initial design and continuous development.
No matter what your need, Coiler can build you the alpine board you have always dreamed of.
We search the world over to find the best possible materials. Titanal construction is used exclusively throughout each of our lines. The proven performance advantage of Titanal, combined with proper amounts of carbon, rubber and fiberglass wrapping our own exclusive cambered wood cores, continues to provide a user friendly, high performance ride suitable for a wide range of conditions. We simply will not sacrifice performance to save a few dollars. By maintaining a small but effective manufacturing facility, we can provide top quality personal service with the ability to keep costs and board prices down. All processes are now done in house which allows for the ultimate in customization and cost effectiveness. In our pursuit of the ultimate snowboarding experience, we never stop designing and testing new ideas. All boards feature performance refinements, and new lines which have been in development for at least the last 2 seasons are available. We now have virtually every aspect of Alpine riding covered! When all is said and done, the real goal is not just to sell you a board, but to design and create a tool that will increase your enjoyment of the sport.


At this time I have just found out that the Titanal we use in all our boards will become very difficult or maybe impossible to get in a reasonable small quantity. This affects all our designs as it is used in every board we make. As of now a few of the board manufacturers are trying to come up with a solution but nothing is working out yet. The minimum order is now enough for 4500 boards which is way above most if not all of the manufacturers needs. Buying and storing it may not work as it has a surface treatment which is only good for about 2 years. Since the future of this type of metal board is now uncertain and I only have enough left for about 100 boards, all boards are now priced at $1000 cdn. If I can purchase a new supply the price will drop but still be above the 2015 price as the low cdn dollar makes purchasing all materials very expensive. If I can get a new supply, price will still have to go up to about $ 890 cdn.

Bruce Varsava

Our mission is to provide dedicated Alpine riders with the ultimate snowboarding experience.

Coiler was founded by Bruce Varsava in 1995 when he realized the need for higher performing alpine boards.