Custom Alpine Snowboards


Time for the biannual update(-: The Contra designs are into their 4th season and are nearly 100% of all boards being built now. The 2022/23 season was the first where production of softboot boards outnumbered hardboot boards built. The Contra design is very effective in softboot designs and the numbers prove it. It seems the softboot aspect of the sport is growing in part due to the effectiveness of the new designs allowing a very rewarding day of carving for those who prefer the more relaxed style in the softer boots. The hardboot versions are well proven and very popular for those looking for a go to board for many snow conditions. Minor adjustments are often made to all models as seen fit as the knowledge base of the design grows. At this time I have build and test data to make almost any popular size in either type of board. However!!! Time goes on and it looks like it is time to ramp Coiler down yet another notch and return it back to what may be described as a “ hobby” status. My ability to do the long hours and deal with the physical stresses of the job are diminishing so will have to adjust the work to suit. For the 2023/24 season, all orders will be tentative on my ability to do them. In other words, if you really need a board fast, please look elsewhere. I will no longer be making or offering any demo boards and will no longer be sponsoring any events. With the small numbers of boards I hope to be able to do, just no way to justify it. I still hope to be able to carry on at this slower pace for maybe a winter or two and then make decisions when they arise depending on the factors in play. On a personal note, I feel I have accomplished a lot more than was originally planned. I just wanted to make a few race boards for myself and of course, ended up with a lot more than that. The Contra design really sums up the way I feel a board should ride. While it may not be suitable for absolutely everyone, nothing ever is but it sure covers a large scope of what todays riders want in one package. So time will tell what happens over the next few seasons and I will take this opportunity to greatly thank all who put their trust in me to help put a smile on their face while enjoying the sport we all love. BV

We have a few pre built Contra’s available as of Feb 1 2021, see the Contra or pre built page for more info.