Now that we are printing graphics in house, this opens up a wide range of possibilities. Our stock graphics are quite extensive (see link on this page), but for those who want something a bit more personal, custom graphics can be supplied for us to print. Fee for custom graphic printing of your file is $ 30.
If required, design services are available which can take your dream to reality. Contact us for details.

We now offer two different textures for printed tops: Gloss and Carbonium. Solid color Ptex tops are also available.

Gloss: Best for fine graphic details and for those who want that deep glossy look.

Carbonium: Uses a finely textured surface which mimics a fabric look. It reduces scuffing and tends to handle more abuse while looking new for longer.

Ptex: Same material as used on the base. Generally a bit thicker and therefore heavier than a printed top. It gets sanded just as the base. Can have a bit of a dried out look if not waxed and looked after as you would do for a normal base. Can be resanded to remove scratches. Boards with Ptex tops tend to ride with a bit more of a damp feel. Diecut Coiler logo comes installed near the nose.