These boards carry on the tradition of a certain long-gone company which had a loyal following for their narrow and fun-to-ride boards. Many riders were outright madd that they could no longer get their hands on these boards. We didn’t want to duplicate them, but did see the need for a fun-to-ride board which offers a bit of a challenge.

  Our goal was to keep it in a more versatile package for better all-around use. The result was very well received and they continue to put smiles on riders who want a bit of a retro feel in a more refined package.

Coiler Angrry
Angrry 170 proto

  Available in 160 and 170 with variable sidecuts and waist widths, usually in the 18 cm to 19 cm range. They have the lowest taper of any of our models for a more powerful exit from turns and the pointy nose adds a bit of extra style to this fun ride. 160 uses a variable sidecut with substantial differential to allow for a very engaging ride as weight distribution can quickly alter turn shape. 170 is  geared to a more centered riding style and offers a bit more of a relaxed experience that delivers surprising grip in an energetic ride.