Extreme Carve

  While certainly not new, this exciting aspect of Alpine riding is finally becoming much more popular on North American slopes. In the past, it was difficult to locate proper boards at a reasonable price as they were almost all imported from overseas.

  Working with progressive EC riders from around the world, we are proud to introduce a dedicated line of EC boards for those of you who really want to lay it down. After 3 seasons of development, we have finalized the designs into a user friendly package using the proven Titanal construction which makes them substantially more versatile than the glass versions of the past.

  Sidecuts are moderately variable, with the nose section maintaining higher radii than a typical freecarve design, so speed can be maintained at extreme edge angles. They also have a modified version of our variable camber, which allows for a stiffer nose without the tendency to bounce out while your brushing your body parts all over the hill. A low profile nose section, available in several outlines, will keep the board planted well and allows for a personal touch to the overall look. Available in sizes from 165 to 180 with waist widths easily adjusted to meet individual requirements.