Nirvana Freecarve

“Pure Freecarving Nirvana!” … a description of how a customer felt after taking his first run on one of the original designs. A great all-around design mainly for use on groomed hills, but not so specific that it required perfect snow to perform.


Fun and forgiving all-around high performance ride. User friendly camber and flex pattern. For riders working on improving their technique, this version is sure to put a smile on your face. Also an excellent choice for expert level riders who like to challenge their skills in less than ideal snow conditions. A solid all around freecarve board with tremendous performance potential.

With higher camber and adjusted flex pattern for a responsive ride. A softer front and stiffer rear flex pattern for increased turn response with higher turn exit energy. Ideal for skilled riders who prefer a centered riding style and uses the softer nose flex to their advantage on steep or icy hills. Grip on the Energy is exceptional on firm or icy snow, where it excels.

With substantially more decamber at tip and tail and higher camber between the feet. The Vcam design allows for super smooth and solid turn initiation and the ability to take the board easily from carve to slide when required. It provides a very high level of stability and maintains a decent level of energy while exiting turns.