Contra line up 4

Welcome to the new reality! With climate change seeming to affect the conditions we get to ride nowadays, the Contra’s design goal was to have a board more suitable to handle a wide range of snow conditions.


The Contra is a true departure from any  of our previous designs even though it uses a blend of features from many of the current line of boards. Putting those designs together along with a totally new type of sidecut  has proven to allow this new and unique design to have a very wide use range. 

The Contra has the ability to better handle the extremes of ice or sloppy snow and provides a very smooth ride through all of it. The unique sidecut does require slightly more edge angulation to get an aggressive turn so is recommended for those who have the ability to provide the input needed to get the most performance out of it. 

Currently available in sizes from 162 to 187 cm ( in approx 4 cm increments) with sidecuts from 9 to 20m. Width can be adjusted to meet the individuals needs.