Stubby V2

Stubby 172

  The Stubby was one of the most successful original Titanal models we produced. Its short overall length with comparatively long effective combined with a moderately speedy sidecut is a potent combo for all around fun. The design inspiration for that original version was from the  EC boards of that era and the new model uses the exact same inspiration but from our own highly successful EC models. With the natural progression of dedicated EC boards becoming a bit more radical with low noses and higher sidecuts, we saw the need to throttle it back into a user friendly package  for those who want to dabble with EC but still want to enjoy a good all around freecarving board.

  The Stubby uses the identical core to its EC sibling, we added a bit more upturned nose for added confidence in varied snow. It has a sidecut which is a favorite for all around performance riding and does not require excessive speed to get it to work effectively. The result is a super fun ride which can handle a lot of your daily carving duties.