For those who want a board with a good blend of overall characteristics, we have continued the tradition of the original Titanal All Mountain (AM), and added a few new goodies to take things to the next level. The new version is more carve oriented but still capable of handling a wide variety of snow conditions.

  The design starting point for the new board was our SL race designs. No doubt – it can rip up the groomers! However, the flex is tweaked to have a slightly softer mid with stiffer tip and moderate stiff tail to smooth out the choppy snow with ease.

  This version gets a shorter more upturned nose which will still get through the pow but also keeps the overall length a bit shorter to better stay within its carving oriented roots. In softer snow, the new designs add taper to allow the tail to sink properly, and has a bonus of adding stability at higher speeds in any type of snow.