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Freecarve bliss!

A great, all-around design to carve the groomed hills, versatile enough for less than ideal snow conditions. 3 versions are available, customized to your taste!

Sizes: 165 to 189 cm.

Waist: Custom, most popular: 19 to 22 cm.

Sidecuts:  Custom, most popular: 10/12/11m, 10.5/12.7/12m, 12/14m, 13/15/14m.


Laying it down!

A typically longer and wider board with higher front sidecut radius to maintain speed at extreme edge angles. A stiffer nose to reduce vibration while brushing your body on the snow and an adjusted torsion stiffness for stability.

Sizes: 165 to 180 cm.

Waist: Custom, most popular: 20 to 23 cm.

Sidecuts:  Custom, most popular: 11/13m, 12/14m, 13/14m, 13.5/15m, 14/16m, 16/20m.

ECVC 177
contra lineup

contra lineup


The newest and truly different freecarve board. Designed to handle the widest range of snow conditions.

Sizes: 162 to 187 cm

Waist: Custom, most popular: 19 to 25 cm.

Sidecuts: 9m to 20m with .5m increments up to 14m

We currently have a few pre built Contra’s available in the smaller sizes as listed on the pre built page

Coiler Angrry

High maneuverability


With a substantially more variable sidecut, this board offers a very engaging ride as weight distribution can quickly alter turn shape. If you’ve got short, narrow, or steep runs, this board lets you make more turns at a lower speed and still have a blast. A real go-kart on snow!

Sizes: 160 or 170 cm.

Waist: 18 to 20 cm.

Sidecuts:  10m VSR or 12m VSR.



Stubby V2

Versatile EC

A fun to ride Freecarve/ExtremeCarving hybrid. With a slightly more upturned nose than his big brother, the ExtremeCarve, for added confidence in varied snow conditions.

Sizes: 172 or 175

Waist: 20 to 22 cm

Sidecuts:  13/14m

Stubby 172

Monster V2

When bigger is better!

A solid all mountain ride offered in larger than average sizes. Ideally suited for larger mountains or for larger riders looking for a dependable go-to board which can handle a very wide range of conditions.

Sizes: 180, 184 and 188

Waist: 20 or 23 cm

Sidecuts:  Custom, most popular: 12/14m, 13/15/14m.

VSR 164


Classic All-Mountain

A board with a good blend of overall characteristics, able to carve in a wide variety of snow conditions. Design based on our SL Race designs with flex tweaked for a slightly softer mid, stiffer tip and moderate stiff tail to smooth out the choppy snow. In softer snow, the designs taper allow the tail to sink properly, and adds stability at higher speeds in any type of snow.

Sizes: 165, 168 or 171 cm.

Waist: Custom, most popular: 19 to 23 cm.

Sidecuts:  Custom, most popular: 9/11/10m, 10/12/11m, 9/12m.

BX and BX Freeride


Softboot carve-oriented riding. Available in 2 different configurations, Race (BX) and Freeride (BXFR). BX has a shorter nose and tail length for a minimal rise and maximum speed potential. BXFR has a longer nose and tail for better performance in varied snow conditions.

Sizes: 145 to 170 cm.

Waist: Custom, up to approximately 27 cm.

Sidecuts: Custom, most popular: 7/8m, 8/9m, 9/10m, 10/11m, 7/9.5m, 11/13m.

Coiler China 1