Top Quality Materials – Continuous Development

CNC Coiler
Core profiling
Ptex base

  At Coiler we take great pride in making sure every detail of every board is taken care of with utmost precision. We are proud to be leaders in the area of Titanal construction and taking its exclusive performance characteristics into boards which were designed for many different aspects of Alpine riding.

  During the development, we held off on introducing this construction until we felt we had it sorted out for the best durability we could get. The result has been virtually no warranty issues at all in the last 5 seasons. The metal construction, when properly assembled has proven to be plenty robust for all aspects of Alpine riding. While we use no real secret ingredients, (wood, metal, glass, carbon, rubber etc.), it is the assembly techniques and sequences which allow for a superior result.

  There are many ways to assemble a board but we have carefully picked and developed the most effective ways to get the final product we want without worrying about the time it takes to do it. We use several different lamination types depending on end use and have matched these to suit what the board needs to do. No one construction type can do it all! Through the use of different proportions of the materials, we can tailor the flex and stiffness to suit the individual’s needs.