New pricing and ordering informations below! 

  Since we do a limited number of boards per season and all are custom, we prefer to deal directly with the riders to get the best possible results. Email us at to sort out details or complete the order form.

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PRICING AND AVAILABILITY for 2021/2022 season:

Contra: $950 cdn

Contra + added dampening $1000cdn 

Softboot: $950 cdn

Booked into Jan 2022. Availability after that is pending

Base prices includes custom flex for your weight and choice of any topsheet we have in stock, add extras as below if needed, shipping and taxes if applicable.


  • Custom graphic printing: $40
  •  T4 construction using thicker .4mm Titanal: $ 70
  • UPM or Allflex inserts: $ 40 ( see warranty exclusion below)

Modifications can include:
  Width change, length change,  sidecut change, camber or decamber changes.
Maybe anything else you can think of within reason.

   We reserve the right to charge as necessary for extra changes beyond the one included. Charges will be minimal and depend on how easy the modification is to achieve. Since we have so many templates and choices, contact us to see what we have that is close to or exactly what you want.


  All boards carry a one year warranty from time of delivery. It covers all materials and workmanship.

UPM or Allflex inserts are excluded from the warranty. If a problem arises in the direct area of the inserts, it will not be covered. This in no way has been a concern in the past but since I do not design or test with plates on the board,  you are on your own with that decision. 

In all cases, the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer. We highly recommend warranty claims be shipped via an insured method, with a tracking #, for your protection.

Severe stress to the boards from high performance situations like crashes are not covered. These are performance Alpine boards which are designed to be ridden aggressively in reasonably good conditions. Riding hard in poor conditions ( snow or visibility) can put board and rider at risk so we advise extreme caution. If riding hard in those conditions, you do so at your own risk.