Customer reviews

Dennis W.
172 Stubby

I’ve now ridden this Stubby in soft & wet to hard pack and it handles everything with ease! I made the right choice. Thanks for working with me. Anyone that asks I will send your way!

Eric C
174 Nirvana Energy .4

I’ve logged many days on the .4 in many conditions and I can’t say I found any flaws. Rides amazing on ice and with all the rain and freezing we got tons of that… rides also well in the softer stuff…. and on perfect groom it’s scary fun ! So still very positive for me.

Dmitry S.
175 ECVC (ExtremeCarve) Torsion plus

Thank you for great snowboard! I’m happy so much! It’s very stable and optimal flex. Last two years I had problems with the study of push pull, but after a month of riding on the coiler I had a great progress. In general ride became more confident. It’s the best board that I had. Thank you! Good luck!

Luke P.
170 Nirvana Energy .4

The Iron Man kicks ass! That thing is a blast! Lightning fast edge transfer and solid through the whole turn. Got about 10 hrs on it in hero snow to pretty hard shit. Amazed at how it holds on crap i wouldn’t even bother trying to carve. Cool as hell rippin a turn on the hard shit… Here it a mile away! I can turn it on a dime and keep stackin dimes or kick back on throttle, love it! I is a game changer for sure. Pullin shit outta my ass I didn’t think I was capable of! Catching a lil air and land in carve mode or stand on the tail heelside and leave a trench a child would disappear in. Love being able to crank the hell out of it and maintain my edge, no skidding out!!

Thank you, thank you…

You hit that one out of the park as far as I m concerned!

Adas W.
178 Nirvana Vcam

I loooooove the board! I’ve had 3 days on her now, and she is awesome. Never having ridden the VCam (only the Balance and Energy), I was wondering how I would like it. No fears at all – this is probably my favorite shape that I’ve ridden in your board range! We have super warm conditions here so it’s been soft, but even in the softer stuff the board just carves beautifully through the chop. So damp and stable, and FAST. Compared to my Proteus (which is 170, shorter SCR and therefore more ‘turny’ and poppy), the Red Dwarf (Blue Edition) is just amazing. I can’t wait until next season when I can get back out on firm groomers, but I think it will handle that so well. It’s just railing and I’m loving it, loving the stability and solid feel in the carve. Just holds the carve beautifully, but if you need to get it out of the turn quickly for any reason it’s easy to release.

Sali PC.
168 ECVC (ExtremeCarve)

I have ridden the board and in one word… It is the best board I have ever had! You are right; it has a lot of edge hold on hard slopes but it is at the same time always forgiving. Also a super board for lay down turns in extremecarving .

I know you are building a Nirvana for Mirko (my italian friend).

Thanks a lot and see you for a next board.

Warren P.
174 Nirvana Balance

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the board you made me. I have owned about a half dozen alpine snowboards and the Coiler is by far the best board I have ever ridden/owned. When I got the board at the end of last years season, I only got to ride it 5-6 times in Spring conditions and I really liked it. So far this season I have got in about 20 days on the board in a lot of different conditions. I ride in Lake Tahoe and we have had a killer snow year, over 600 inches.

About 3 weeks ago we got some of the best, lightest powder that I have experienced in Tahoe in the last 35 years! One day I strapped on my Donek all mountain board and hit the woods at Heavenly. There was tons of fresh and I had a great day. I was not sure that I wanted to try my new Coiler in the woods in knee deep (and more) powder. The next day I was on my Coiler and decided to try some pow with the new board. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the board handled in deep powder.

I gotta tell you that there must be some magic voodoo in your boards. Not only is this the best alpine carving board I have owned, but it also rides pretty dang good in powder. Even when you hit some crud, this board is very responsive and predictable.

Last year I met Steve C who raved about your boards which is what convinced me to get one of your boards. Thank you so much Bruce for making my all time favorite snowboard, great job.

John V.
170 Nirvana Energy

Fresh snow on top of ice, love it! Does not feel 170cm long nor 22cm wide. As much as the board is visually visible, it’s completely transparent under feet. Any slippage was driver error.

Great on the little of powder and very quick tail change in small bumps.

Andrew G. – Para BX racer
161 BX

I just thought you’d like to see the picture of myself winning Bronze in the World Cup at Sierra at Tahoe today on your Coiler. Without this board, I probably wouldn’t have been as successful. Thank you so much!

Mike R.
161 BXFR

Board delivers on all aspects Bruce. Very awesome. Super fun to get back into carving. Watched some instructional youtube videos by this kid Ryan Knapton carving with soft boots in the evening then rode all day saturday and Sunday. Got my stance and angles set up +21/-9, can ride switch comfortably and no boot out. At silver star there are a lot of flat cat tracks that you need to keep speed on to get to and from some of the runs, I can keep speed and coast on those things faster than everybody. I suspect it is the base and not the wax.

Thanks again!

Benoit D.
174 Nirvana Energy .4

Bruce u are fucking genius, the board is amazing!

Kipsan B.
Custom AM

So I have the AM out and have ridden 4 days so feel like I can summarise. This season in hokkaido minimal fresh snow so far all riding has been on groomers and offpiste chop. Not really why I got the board but I only brought this one this trip.

In a word WOW. This board should be a std product, it probably suits 80% of hardboot riders as their go to board. The extra width is noticeable maybe first 2 runs, then it disappears. The board carves really well, handles variable effortlessly, and can do anything from fairly short radius to fairly drawn out turns no issue. Nice to be able to drive into every turn never scared of being pitched over the nose, but the bigger nose seems to have zero effect on edging. I think it will float very well in powder and slush.

The taper seems to make the board release from carves easily – happy to carve big round turns, also happy to pop off the tail, reset the line a bit then drive into the next carve. As with most of ur boards they don’t respond to big weight shifts driving into turns, but even though it’s soft there is enough nose not to send u over the nose when u do.

Of course, there has to be a drawback…which seems to be top speed it tracks very straight for bombing but being softer doesn’t like high speed carving so much as medium speed, which is ideal for most resorts.

Eric C
Coiler Nirvana Energy 174 T.4

I’ve logged many days on the .4 in many conditions and I can’t say I found any flaws. Rides amazing on ice and with all the rain and freezing we got tons of that… rides also well in the softer stuff…. and on perfect groom it’s scary fun ! So still very positive for me.

Håvard, Norway
Coiler Stubby 172

I am the lucky owner of the Stubby 172 with the steam engine graphics depicted on the Coiler website. I had heard a lot of good things about Coiler and about the Stubby, so I was really excited about the chance to get my first custom made board. My previous boards had all been off-the-shelf glass fibre models, and they were all too stiff for my weight, as I guess they were made for some sort of average person. What I was after this time, was a friendly all-round board (with the right flex) that could also be ridden aggressively, including the occasional laid-down turn.
So I contacted Coiler, and had a very good discussion about the requirements and the details before the specs were finalised. I ended up with a 22 cm waist and a 13/14 m sidecut. This means I can ride with relatively flat angles, and the radius is just right for when there is a bit of space available to “open it up”. The big, positive surprise was that the board was also very responsive and could be pushed into really tight turns when required – which is the beauty of a metal construction that is tuned to the weight of the rider.
Coiler also made a huge effort in getting the graphics right, and for me, the custom graphics make it all so much more personal. There is a story behind the image, and a story behind the board – and both of them are suitable for sharing with fellow riders over a beer.
As a testament to the friendliness of this board, my wife likes riding it as well. She is a lighter, more careful rider, so she had been a bit apprehensive about riding such a big and fast board. However, she loved it from the very first turn – and she was quite annoyed with me for having such a good board when she didn’t. So shortly after, she ordered a custom Coiler for herself, and she also designed her own graphics – which is all part of the fun. 
Both boards are waxed and ready, so all we need now is snow!

Coiler VSR 177

I came across a used Coiler VSR, the description stated it was built for the owners size, 6’2” 215, perfect!

The board looked awesome and unlike anything I had ever ridden shape wise. I did a bit of reading about it then bought it. I could not be more happy with that choice! This board is amazing! The wide waist and rocker nose make it so easy to free ride, yet it’s a beast when I get on it. It seems to read my mind almost, and whatever the snow conditions it handles it with ease. Being able to ride less angle has been so much easier on my legs as far as muscle fatigue, and also so much more relaxed just cruising around.

For a 177 this board can make a amazingly tight turn, or big loopy GS turns. Whatever you want it will do. I don’t really know much about what the metal layer is for but what I feel is this thing is basically a bulldozer and plows smoothly through everything I’ve ridden in. It just feels super stable!

I love this board and am so happy every time I get out on it. I recommend to anyone who has ridden a alpine board back in the day to check out these new shapes. It is a game changer for the aging freerider who wants a easy riding carve machine!

Thank you Bruce for creating such a sweet ride! 30 years later and I’m as pumped to get out and ride as much as I ever was!